Orientation on Locating

A first orientation on locating:
Detecting, locating, orienting, positioning, ranging and other terms are used in synonymy for determining a certain location. Locating is a need for professionals at work for various purposes and under various conditions, as for

locating oneself
locating another person
locating a physical object
locating a group of such physical entities
repetitive determination of such locations

Such locating is a complement to other needs in professional work, as normally

determining time and date,
determining an name or identity of an object,
determining an name or identity of a person.
not excluding further details on the named entities

Concerning the operational context, various qualities of locating are state of the art, especially:

Tracing an object in retrospective
Tracking an object in motion
Spontaneous locating of an object on an instant
Scheduled co-locating of persons and objects
Verifying the presence of a person in a certain location

In general, all these demands and details for locating support one or many persistent aims:

Saving time, as either waiting time for allowance for an action oneself or
meeting someone for performing an action together or
meeting a person at a certain location for further action as scheduled.
reducing searching time for retrieving an object or

Whatever any of these intentions with locating shall thrive for, technical support is deemed necessary and welcome to ease and to economise work. Of course, such technical support must be balanced to operational effect. Additional balance shall not be neglected:

The interest of the organization must justify and fund the investment in such systems support, but:
The appreciation by and the bargain for the staff is a mandatory requirement to make the systems operation a success story from the very beginning.

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