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  ReadPost is supporting location awareness with a qualified choice of distinct wireless technologies:
  HopLoc® transponders directly determine the position of tagged objects in well defined systems of coordinates. The HopLoc® locating transponders measure the distances in between other deployed HopLoc® transponders with fixed and then the server based HopLoc® locating engine computes the locations.   
  TocLoc® tokens rapidly signal whether an equipped work position is present in contiguity to the acting person bearing the token, and vice versa. The TokLoc® tokens support determining the equally presence of persons or of objects in the contiguity of any TokLoc® equipped resident or mobile work position.    
  Wiploc solutions determine locations for advanced and scheduled work in progress and the whereabouts of work items for steady tracking. WiPloc tracks items directly via beacons or indirectly via the carrying (wheeled) unit. WiPloc tracking complements the labeling and tagging of objects for detecting the very last and current location. WiPloc reference units conclude on their contiguity using interrogated identities.   
  ReadPost offers solutions that are easily tailored for special requirements and needs. ReadPost is prepared to supply in complement to these three product line offerings for combining the named systems designs with other outdoor locating. Such complements are based on GPS, GSM and 3GPP. ReadPost furthermore offers AIDC technologies based on any international standards for optical and radio identification. ReadPost is prepared to provide identification solutions with a scope from fake-safe banknotes through marked glass panes to optical reading for passing shipping containers and finally up to wireless safety systems for railcars.   

In addition to these product line offerings ReadPost is prepared to combine such systems designs with outdoor locating based on GPS, GSM and 3GPP.

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