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is a Token system with locating.        
turns any work position to a personalized work position that gets instantly ready to start.        
supports team scheduling and re-allocation from one work position to another work position.        
generally serves to reduce additional time and overhead cost by automating the routine.        
offers a convergent equipping concept: One system, for many traditional purposes.        
is fully tuned to be used with other systems as mobile phones, PCs and similar networked communications units.        


has an elementary prerequisite: Each contributing work position shall be equipped with an easily plugged in and very cheap TokLoc® Screentenna: That simply is a Bluetooth® interrogator attached to the flat screen of the work position.        
of course has, as a prerequisite for each person agreed to and involved in the locating support, just a compliant token.
tokens hence are designed as Bluetooth® low energy units with a battery to be operated as a long life beacon.
makes use of fuzzy locating and hence delivers a limited accuracy.        
determines the place where the searched object resides is qualified by polar distance only. With TokLoc® the distance is roughly measured, the measure is not calibrated. The support with TokLoc® is sufficient to co-locate the searching object and the searched object for co-operation.        
serves for resident office work:
supports automatically all log-in and log-off to and fro general purpose work positions. In effect, whenever a staff member with TokLoc® token approaches any equipped work position, he or she will be welcomed with a start-up screen indicating the name.
identifies the staff member by name and the work position reports access to the authentication server.
offers the starting of a local work session with additional authentication factors or without further keying in of identities.
supports qualified authentication. There is no need to bluntly record access other but for change records and for time recording.
poses no threat of any permanent scanning and never without defined dedication.
is transparent to the authentication process. It requires no storage of details on work position usage.       
applies strictly policies for access and asks no other details when access shall be granted or will be denied.
tokens contain a qualified authentication factor that allows for secure access to personalised accounts.        
protects access according to policies, to sensitive data and to powerful functions.        
applies a strict sequence instantly on leave of the token user:
announces logging off is as soon as the user walks away. Then logging off is performed without additional procedures.
requires no keying in, no plugging out, no mouse action, just leave. The logging in and logging out with TokLoc® is also discriminating several work positions in a room.        
serves for mandatory time recording for the staff at begin and end of shift.       
supports mixed environment with users standing in contiguity.
offers balanced countervalue available exclusively for individuals who agreed.
serves for mobile office work:
ensures the integrity of the mobile equipment: No more objects lost as an alarm is set to a certain allowed distance.
combines phone, assistant, tablet PC, laptop PC and other units to wireless LAN and mobile networking
is operable in open air, in the car, ion the train and on airplanes. serves in hospitals for the patients:
works as well for patients at bedside: The presence of a patient with a token is registered for bedside and room.        
discriminates room and other confinement with short range interrogator.
token may be worn upon individual preference with necklace, wrist band or bound to the leg for babies.
token may additionally dangle from a boom fixed to bedside to ease rapid access for being used as the nurse call unit.
token serves for controlling auxiliary equipment, bedside drives, all possible support functions.
token with additional buttons may be used as the remote controls for light, for TV programmes and for music programmes.
serves as a media channel selector, as a dialling unit for phone calls and finally as a remote control for ear piece.
serves in hospitals for support of auxiliary services:
beacons work as well for item management at bedside, for meals supplies, for asset management with medical appliances.
beacons support the beds cleaning and disinfecting business.
beacons serve for all intra transportation of beds and wheelchairs with patients. serves in hospitals for support of the staff:
complies for personalised paging services in conjunction with in house mobile phones.        
supports advanced data access to patient files in conjunction with PDAs, tablet PCs, wheeled PC mobiles.
serves for any wireless equipment as carried by the staff members during the ward round, the doctors’ visit
supports all purposes relevant on emergency calls to patients and on emergency evacuation at fire alarm.
automate the service recording and accounting with the patients on station, in diagnosis and in therapy.
tokens also include an alarm button for security of the staff. By pushing the single button on TokLoc® token, the user may raise an alarm when working in any dangerous situation, the only time when this button is required.        
distributes alarms to all work positions in the vicinity of the place of origin.
avoids false alarms, a double pressing may reset the alarm at any time, though information will be safely forwarded all time.

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