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serves fuzzy locating.        
systems comprise of deployed individual tokens and deployed transponders.        
tokens may be equally born by staff and clients.        
tokens may be attached to any type of assets equipment and racks.        
anchor nodes corresponding with networked units may be distributed for mobile or resident operation throughout facilities according to local requirements.        
tokens include a wireless chip, DSP processor, battery, antenna and a third generation firmware. Generally there is no time synchronisation of resident or mobile nodes necessary nor any synchronisation foreseen.        
  TokLoc® tokens       
tokens are available in various BlueTooth® low energy protocols using designs as:        
tokens with just a single chip, antenna and battery to power operation.        
tokens for safety and security with necklace or as a pendant, with a band or belt to fix at arm or leg and for personal equipping of staff as well as for clients, especially patients, and for various applications.        
Ruckpack board for integration to desktops or handheld units without PC capability.        
Ruckpack tags for application to valuable assets with battery supply from secondary cells as local energy buffer.        
  TokLoc® Screentenna       
Screentenna for electrical plugging to an USB Port in any type of resident PC work position and for mechanical attachment to the local screen in optimal elevation above the desk furniture environment.        
client utility is used in each PC with Screentenna as an application programme for locating which measures the token in the contiguity.        
  TokLoc® MCEP       
MCEP Mobile Communications Enhancement Pack for all types of mobile hardware.       
MCEP serves for all existing equipment which is already for the BlueTooth® low energy protocol enabled. Other hardware must be BlueTooth® low energy protocol enabled first. All newer designs should be prepared for BlueTooth® low energy protocol.        
MCEP gets configured for defined mobile phones, PDAs, tablet PCs, laptop PCs and as well for mobile PC units with integrated BlueTooth® function antenna and will be tested with included test routines.        
MCEP does not require any additional hardware bust just reloading to the memories.        
client utility is part of MCEP and resides in any type of PC hardware to detect tokens in contiguity.        
  TokLoc® anchor transponders       
anchor transponders for resident process controls are available in various shaping as:        
anchor transponders, which are connected to networked units, may be used for resident or mobile usage throughout the enterprises premises according to locale requirements.        
anchor transponders are suited for automatic locks and for other facility management.        
anchor transponders as wall mounted anchors for additional reference in rooms with several work positions and with LAN or WLAN access.        
anchor transponders may be mounted in rooms, corridors, at gates and in staircases and lift cabins.        
anchor transponders for LAN access get powered via power adapter or with PoE supply.        
anchor transponders are alternatively available for WLAN access and powered via power adapter.        
client utility resides in any type of PC hardware with anchor transponder to support fuzzy locating, especially to detect tokens in contiguity.        
  TokLoc® SERP server pack       
SERP server pack includes a set of application programmes with a site-wise a software license:        
SERP gets virtually installed to existing intranet for net wide automating, especially for authentication services.        
SERP includes auxiliary programs and supports various interests on installation, testing and distributing the computed location data.        
serves for co-locating with the concept of fuzzy locating. It includes also the services for further operational requirements, as for time recording of the staff.        

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