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works with a virtual server function that supports a token system for the most advanced BlueTooth® low energy tags.        
server communicates equally with any BlueTooth® enabled mobile devices.        
server offers location awareness for authentication using BlueTooth® standards.        
server includes locating engine, authentication server and specific middleware.        
server offers application programming interface using the common BlueTooth® V2.1 and announced successors.        
server prefers the new BlueTooth® low energy protocol stacks.        
server enables rapid deployment of strong authentication with staggered security controls.        


server has an primary prerequisite: Each contributing work position shall be equipped with an easily plugged in and very cheap.        
server of course has as a secondary prerequisite:A compliant token for each person involved in the locating support.        
original tokens hence are designed as long-life Bluetooth® low energy units with a primary battery (refurbish) or a secondary battery (contact-less charging ) to be operated for years.       
  For small enterprises with few premises:         
server introduces location awareness to qualified entry, access and accounting.        
server adds to mandatory time recording for the staff at begin and end of shift.        
server adds to automated order-related usage of appliances and may add order-wise accounting for staff members.        
server adds to sophisticated entry and access controls.        
server adds to asset tracking for easy access and to prevent from fraud and theft.        
  For large enterprises with several locations:       
server introduces location awareness to qualified entry, access and accounting.        
server adds to existing enterprise-wide authentication strategies.        
server adds to strict tracking of order items in flexible production management concepts.        
  In hospitals for the patients:        
server supports all requirements for local patient identification, safely and securely preventing from name changes and eventual mis-medication.        
server works for patients at bedside with nurse call room utilities management.        
server works on all networked housekeeping functions.        
server controls location aware for elopement prevention at no expense on freedom of movement.        
  In hospitals for the support services:        
server monitors all object transportation, all shipment, incoming goods and outgoing repairs.        
server monitors all patient transportation, equal walking and on all types of wheeled units.        
  In hospitals for the staff:       
complies with most recent legislation and latest jurisdiction on informational self determination.        
server offers a convergent approach for all services where wireless communications is accepted.        

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