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is operationally legal. However, covert staff surveillance would be illegal.        
applies thorough mandatory precautions and therefore it will be entirely legal to correlate with relevant identity of the acting staff at written individual consent.        
requires open preparation. There is no success for clandestine implementing. The latest jurisdiction requires agreement on surveillance in advance.        
may be legally applied after open announcement to the staff and with employees representatives agreement only. Any negligence of such legal requirement will mislead.        
generates no threat of permanent scanning individuals behaviour or whereabouts at no defined dedication.       
however offers a bargain in support with day-to-day routine at no expense neither in self determination nor with privacy.        
prepares for a fair offer to the staff with insight to the recording.        
prepares for lawful processing of object tracking data.       
supports stepwise tracking of advancement, forwarding and shipment of objects.       
supports intelligent data reduction. There is no need to bluntly record anything, the direct triggering and the composed tracks allow for limiting any storage to the context of the shipping operation.       
may shrink uncontrolled access or fraudulent export or import action down to zero.        
finally helps to recognize easily, if there might be any organizational error or someone might not adhere to the authentication regime        
supports authentication in terms of who, what, when, where, why and even who refuses to comply.       
surveyed access control may shrink uncontrolled work position access down to zero.       
helps to process for limited and specified purposes.        
reduces access history storage to adequate, relevant and not excessive archiving.        
supports anonymised processing in line with individual rights on informational self determination.        
design heeds to the advice of Benjamin Franklin from 1738: "Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor liberty to purchase power."        
implementation will not head to totalitarian surveillance nor to mental supervision.        

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