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is Work in Progress monitored by location.        
contributes to implementing JIS strategies: WiPloc turns Process to Progress.        
helps to reduce the search times for such faulty positioned parts to zero, just by confirming the presence in vicinity. Such is generalised human experience: It is much more effective to search and much faster to find, when acting in certainty to look in the appropriate vicinity.        
has a strong impact on control leads with shifting from watching the dwelling in certain locations of manufacture:  Controlling also time spent becomes an aim in transition from one preceding source at location of manufacture to the succeeding destination of next step of manufacture.         


strengthens the operating enterprise in free technical choice with either rough RSSI estimates through power level measures or with crisp RTLS measures via travel time of radio signals or with just a simple contiguity check through low energy beacons, all at higher distance tolerance than with just ordinary passive RFID.        
solution enhances the identifying and that makes the change:  Searching may be made totally obsolete, when registering every work item on placement not only by identity and with a time stamp, but additionally with the location of placement.         
provides location information at reasonably low cost, requiring just a minimum of infrastructure.  All experienced practitioners know: Who works, inevitable fails sometimes, and who works a lot, will fail even more often. Just those organisations need no locating support, where people make no mistakes.       
offers a bargain for the staff: Applying thorough precautions in open announcement will be entirely legal to correlate with relevant identity of the acting staff. There will be never the threat of permanent scanning staff at no defined dedication.        
applied ensures the definitive consent with the staff and its representatives, it is a bargain in support with day-to-day routine at no expense neither in self determination nor with privacy.         

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