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How HopLoc« works

applies Real time locating on the basis of RTLS travel time measurement.       
RTLS goes much beyond RSSI power level guessing. RTLS is precise travel time measurement.       
infers the results of RTLS technologies with comprehensive track building. No one shipping items jump nor does a pallet or a fork lifter:        
Tracking is the guarantee for stable locating.         
Tracing any shipping item is quite simple:  Just call for the very last registration through lateration.         
strengthens the logistics operation in best available technical choice with crisp RTLS measures via travel time of radio signals, at much higher distance tolerance than with just passive UHF RFID, instable RSSI or buried LF RFID tags.         
goes far beyond index locating as with fixed RFID reader positions or RSSI guessing on power levels. Location information is obtained from repetitive measurement, and progress may be checked on an instant for the right destination.         
requires at least two visible anchor nodes per path as references, better serves the referring to six anchor nodes.        
equips all transportation aids and all handheld scanners with transponders that enable precise locating at each trigger event and/or on motion.       
finally alerts, if there might be an organizational error or someone might not adhere to this regime. It will be easy to recognize what, when, where, why and even who refuses to comply.        
provides location information at reasonably low cost, requiring just a minimum of infrastructure.       
will be configured on the basis of just two contributions: The operation counts the mobile entities and the staff involved. Furthermore a map or construction drawing of the building and any confinements including installed equipment where limiting motion on the ground.        
will undergo acceptance test on the basis of a written specification to enable proper segregation of then guaranteed function, equipment under warranty versus the limitations in physics.         

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