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server hosts the locating engine for the exploitation of the measures with the anchor-transponders.        
server may be implemented in any location networked with the local intranet and the anchor transponders.        
server applies a priori knowledge. That is: All available static and history information is exploited for tracking.        

server exploits the measurements delivered from all networked anchor nodes and computes in real-time the measured Euclidean distances to a set of Cartesian coordinates for the moving transponder.        
server receives the new measures whenever and wherever set to motion ad the motion is detected: The actual location is determined within short time and delivered to the defined distribution.        
server sends the computed location back to the moving node, when required, e.g. to the transportation vehicle.       
server may be installed as a mobile server on the vehicle which shall be located and which receives data from the anchor transponders.        
server is linked to the anchor nodes via wired LAN or WLAN or fibre LAN and requires no synchronisms. The server may be implemented as a virtual server and basically requires neither synchronisms nor timing privileges.       
server may be operated independently and timely parallel to further servers, which compute the coordinates of the own location.        
virtual server may be implemented as well as a mobile server on a transportation vehicle, that shall be located and which receives data from the anchor transponders.        
server may control the measurement of several mobile servers through selected anchor transponders to reduce the time for measurement and transmission.        

mobile server may work independently of timely parallel computing of coordinates on residing servers and may complement mobile servers on other vehicles.        
server may be used switched to server or to display mode to compute its own position or just display the results from other servers. This configuration may be dynamically administered upon population and performance of the hop.        
mobile may alternatively work just as a display capability for the residing locating servers. Then the mobile unit displays its own location on the move. This may apply to PDAs, tablet PCs and mobile PC work positions.        

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