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equips any moving object with HopLoc® transponder.        
equips all confinements with a set of fixed mount transponders for local reference.        
will not discriminate the orientation of an object from a single computed location.        
locating engine will locate the single item down to a best resolution of .5 meter.       
locating engine will locate the single item down to a best precision of 1 meter.        
will separate best on the basis of recorded sequencing of identified items.        
infers the results of RTLS technologies with comprehensive statistical assessment.        
logging-in is automated and logging–out is safely enforced. No person with a token will attend a work position without recognition.        
supports all requirements of identity tracking of objects in the equipped areas.        
automatically detects the appearance of any mobile transponder in the monitored area.        
measures the distance of any equipped object by measuring with optimally at least four resident located transponders.        
may reduce the visibility needs for locating on the basis of inference to minimally two resident located transponders.        
mobile transponder with primary battery is ready for weeks of operation.        
mobile transponder with secondary battery gets charged between shifts to stay ready for hours of operation.        
transponders may be designed according to various needs of mount and to various sources of power.        
fully serves mobile operation of handheld scanners. fully serves mobile operation of fork lifters, hand lifts and other wheeled carriage.        
equips all types portable tools and movable objects with battery powered transponders.       
transponders may equip all valuable assets and all types of transportation aids with tokens.       
resident transponders require networked connection to locating engine by LAN or WLAN or CSS communications accessing the Intranet.        
operates at distances from zero to several ten meters to resident transponders.        
cooperates with all types of video inspection and surveillance systems equipment.        
anti collision warners require no fixed installations nor resident infrastructure for operability.        
equips all members of staff and all vehicles with battery powered transponders.        
may equip choke points and passages with a single resident transponder.        

applies real-time locating according to ISO/IEC 19762-5 and ISO-/IEC 124730-1.        
applies also RSSI power level measurement for purposes of network cohesion support.       
works on the basis of stable and strong RTLS travel time measurements. RTLS is sufficient for all needs of tracking and tracing objects in confinements.        
is well suited for multi dimensional scaling. HopLoc® serves all requirements for planar and spatial locating.        

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