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is one hop locating.        
systems comprise of deployed mobile transponders and resident transponders.        
transponders may be distributed according to local requirements.        
transponders include a wireless chip, DSP processor, battery, antenna and a third generation firmware. Generally there is no time synchronisation of resident or mobile nodes necessary nor any synchronisation foreseen.        
  HopLoc® mobile transponders        
mobile transponders are available in various designs as:        
tokens with just a battery to power operation.        
Rucksack board for integration into handheld units and PDAs as well as for tablet PCs and mobile PC laptops with integrated antenna.        
asset tags for integration to valuable assets with battery supply from secondary cells as local energy buffer.        
safety vests for personal equipping of workers in mixed traffic areas.        
  HopLoc® anchor transponders        
anchor transponders are available in various shaping as:        
wall mounted anchors for LAN access. Wall anchors may be mounted directly to storage racks.        
wall mounted anchors for LAN access with PoE supply.        
ceiling mounted anchors or suspended anchors for WLAN access.        
testing anchors for tripod operation just for interim performance testing on implementing.       
  HopLoc® server        
server is just a package with site-wise a software license:        
server includes the HopLoc® locating engine and gets virtually installed to existing intranet.        
application package serves various interests on installation, testing and distributing the computed location data.        
server and its locating engine is operating for RTLS real time locating systems layout according to ISO/IEC 19762-5 and ISO/IEC 24730-1/-5 and is suited for any understanding of locating, positioning, detecting and ranging according to the specified operational requirements.        

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